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A Love Letter to Biologique Recherche by Anej Skin Studio Founder Jena Salzano

I’d like to talk about my devotion to a company that began with two people and continued as a love affair between all those who use it and have become obsessed. Whether I'm applying on my own skin, massaging onto a client, or admiring the glow of a longtime user it never gets old.  Biologique Recherche sits on our vanities whispering its devotees little Parisian love stories about staying ageless, timeless and ultimately beautiful.           

If you know me you know I'm always looking for the next best thing. I was online researching another brand around 10 years ago when my eye caught BR. Its chic packaging, descriptions of product and everything about it was different and new. Not your normal product that said “normal to dry”. Most of it was in French and the ingredients were curious like onion and placenta. I did what any intrigued woman would do. I set off into the city and bought some for myself.  

I was never so excited to go home and pry open tiny white boxes. The cream was brown and oily and this so-called “P50” was not your average toner. As time went on I continued trying more of the line and soon realized I needed to get this into the hands and on the faces of my clients. There were only a few establishments that carried BR on the east coast at that time and I knew I’d do whatever it took to get the line.

Fast forward a few years and I arrived at my first training. A week-long in house deep dive into BR introduced me to Parisian pinching techniques as well as the history of the brand itself. Its history is one that is very special. The perfect synergy of a biologist husband and a physiotherapist wife created a marriage between active ingredients and Parisian massage techniques to form this very potent effective line. Next, I attended their NYC conference where we learned the cutting edge research and development behind the line and what was to come. This was at a time when BR was a very well kept secret amongst skin care aficionados and I remember feeling I was a part of something very magical. Both innovative and effective, people are just beginning to do what BR was doing over 40 years ago.

Later I met their son, also a biologist, who grew up with BR and preserves its integrity to this day. I remember watching Dr. Allouche floating around the room saying, “imagine you're a sculptor” inspiring me mostly because it was the first and only time a doctor spoke esthetician. His emphasis on protecting the skin's barrier and having a deep understanding of the skin physiology is an integral part of Anej Skin Studios philosophy.  

Not only does he believe in a routine but also highly customized in-cabin treatments. BR is known for treating the client in their Skin Instant. The idea behind this Skin Instant is that the skin is being analyzed, diagnosed, and treated within real time. Both in-cabin treatments and at home routines are customized to create the perfect combination for each individual. There is no such thing as a “combination to oily skin”. The way your skin looks in the AM may not be how it looks in the evening after makeup and pollution. Before skincare was a trend, I always customized a routine for my clients. Now with these new products I could take tailoring to the next level. Dr. Allouche’s partners and the team are the epitome of chic. They are electric, inspiring and fascinating. I can feel they want nothing more than for Anej to succeed. 

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Now let's talk about the ice. If you're hesitant…five minutes in and you're a believer. The ice is a necessity because all of the products are made in small batches and cold pressed. It keeps the integrity of the ingredients as potent as possible. And when we talk about actives, no one does actives like BR. So the ice is a must and believe me once you see the bounce in your cheek bones you won’t want to go back.

We get many questions about the remodeling face machine and refer to it as the “sponge machine”. Clients are always asking about it because it looks intimidating. The remodeling face machine does exactly as it implies. It uses three different currents to lift and tone the face. Yes, you feel zapping and tingling but again, like anything they do, there is nothing like it. It also has high frequency and galvanic so not only is it anti-aging it tightens the pores and kills bacteria. Unlike typical facial current technology, BR’s RFM is genius because the sponges mold to the face stimulating the facial muscles to stand at attention. The sponges push a custom cocktail of quintessential serums into the skin intensifying the effect and ultimately remodeling the face, hence the name. 

Those little glass medicinal containers you see on our shelves: they are the quintessential serums. And yes, it is imperative you go home with them to keep your results going. Everything we do at Anej is intensified by your home care regime. It’s everything. It’s a must. You leave with your prescription pad and you live by it. We have many clients who adhere it to their vanities until it’s time for a seasonal change. Then we revamp. The results create the addiction.

Biologique is not sold in stores due to the complexity of the product selection and application. If you can shop it on someone’s shelves, it means they are a trusted affiliate. If you can shop it online at a private establishment it is the greatest honor bestowed from Paris. It ultimately indicates the Estheticians and business have shown excellence in all areas. Anej was awarded this privilege in 2023. As an Anej client your success is our success. Why not be your own cocktail skincare chemist? A little Serum Liposmose around the eyes. A little Serum Dermopore on the nose. Our clients adore applying their Lotion P50. It’s a lifting and toning ritual done in your mirror that heeds results. Browse our website, come in for a consultation or book a BR facial. We want to welcome you into the Anej/BIologique Recherche world.   

-and if you’re already a devotee, you already understand. 

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Invested in a philosophy of organic living and holistic approach to skincare, Jena has channeled her passion to create a premier skin studio. Her incredibly high standards and intuitive nature have established her as the area's skincare maven. Jena’s vast clientele is attributed to her reputation, knowledge, unique hand skills and the glow she curates.