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Gemini Season

‘Tis the season..Gemini season that is. As my birthday is coming up (June 12th) I had to prepare by receiving a body treatment. However, in true Gemini form I could not decide on which body treatment to get…so I received four of them. Once a week for a month I received a body treatment on our menu. Being well-versed in all Anej services, I truly know inside and out what goes into each of these body treatments from hand movements, to active ingredients, to the outstanding results they provide. I am here to tell all.

In true Gemini form I could not decide on which body treatment to get…so I received four of them.

Week 1: P50 Gommage. Body scrubs have never been my favorite. In the past I have found them uncomfortable and irritating to my skin. This was unlike any other. I wanted to start with this service to prepare my skin for all that was to come. Firstly, Lotion P50 Corps was applied to my body and a massage glove was used to work it into the skin. Just like the Lotion P50 for your face that you know and love, this exfoliated and rebalanced my skin to prep it for the next step. Next, P50 Gommage was applied providing both a chemical and physical exfoliation. With emphasis on rough areas like my knees and elbows, my skin was already feeling like it shed 10 pounds of dead skin. I was then guided to a private shower to rinse off and brought back to the room to finish. Lastly, I was lathered with beautiful smelling body lotions and oils. My skin was left smooth and glowing. No irritation. This is a wonderful service either before or after a vacation, to prep for an event, or just because.

Week 2: Infrared Algae Wrap. This is one of Anej’s newest services and I was extra excited about this one. It is truly one-of-a-kind and my new favorite treatment. She first started with draining and prepping my body. Lotion P50 Corps was then applied along with active marine ingredients to help detox and slim. I was then wrapped and cocooned in infrared which further detoxifies. That was my favorite part. I laid there for about 20 minutes. I then showered and she finished with a custom cocktail of lotions and oils to leave my skin moisturized and even more toned. If you want to try a really unique body treatment, you must do this one. 

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Week 3: Sculpt Corps. I have done this service many times before and I keep coming back to it. For good reason. This service helps with cellulite, reduces bloating, and slims. She started with a signature belly massage so the digestive channels are worked. You feel it too. I had her focus on slimming my stomach the entire time. She used different hand techniques to help breakout fat and reduce water retention. Lots of breathwork is done during the duration of this service. Although this service is unlike a traditional massage, I still find it relaxing and have caught myself falling asleep. This is my go-to service before vacation as you can really see a change in your body. You also leave smelling good for the rest of the day. 

Week 4: Le Lift Corps. I ended my body series with a full body session of Le Lift Corps. Like many of our other treatments, this began with a full body application of Lotion P50 Corps. Micronized algae was then applied and a Parisian pinching method was used to target areas of concern. This method helps give the skin an overall lift and helps with firming as well. I was then led into the shower to rinse and back into the room. Oils were finally applied to help smooth and hydrate. My skin was resculpted and texture was improved. 

Although my month of body services has ended I will surely keep up with doing them all season..Gemini and summer.

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Alexis is fully immersed in all things Anej and the go to for any client inquiry. From special orders to booking a treatment series Alexis is able to provide concierge services for any request a guest may have. Her degree from the Fashion Institute of Technology and meticulous attention to detail makes her Anej’s greatest asset.